Salts of Origin

Explore the unique flavours and textures of our salts of origin collection from all corners of the globe.

Hawaiian Red Alaea: Hawaiian alaea salt is an authentic mix of sea salt and red volcanic clay, found on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. The crunchy texture and earthy flavour adds vibrant colour to any dish. Try mixing with herbs as a roasting salt for red meat.Hawaiian Black Lava: A dramatic mix of sea salt and purified Hawaiian volcanic charcoal, creating an aesthetic marvel. The striking appearance and smoky undertones make it an unforgettable finishing salt.Pink Himalayan Salt: Himalayan pink salt is harvested from ancient sea salt deposits deep in the Himalayan mountains. The beautiful rosy pink crystals offer a rich taste, perfect for seasoning.Cyprus Salt Flakes: This Mediterranean flake salt has a pyramid shaped crystal. The texture and mild taste make this a versatile salt for use in cooking, baking and garnishing.Persian Blue Salt: A noble rarity among salts. The intriguing blue salt is harvested from an ancient salt lake in Iran that contains the unique colour compounds. Use in a pinch pot as a finishing salt adding a touch of sophistication to any table.Smoked Salt: Our artisinal smokery uses oak and applewood chips to cold smoke sea salt the traditional way. Sprinkle a generous pinch of salt to any dish to add a tangy smoked flavour and aroma. Murray River Salt Flakes: Murray River Flake Salt is an apricot-coloured flake salt from Australia. The colourful crystals melt quickly and have a wonderfully mild taste. This is a perfect salt to use as garnish or a finishing salt at the table. Dead Sea Salt: Dead Sea Salt is evaporated from the waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest and saltiest point on earth. This unique salt is very versatile and can be used during cooking or as a table salt. The taste is also fresher and stronger due to the crystal’s unique composition.Kala Namak: Also known as ‘Black Salt’, Kala Namak is an Indian Volcanic Rock Salt. It has a distinctive, sulfureous flavour and aroma. It is perfect for adding a unique bite to tangy salads, condiments and other savoury Indian meals.