Exotic Spices

Taste the spice route with our collection of iconic spice mixes from all corners of the globe.

Rogan Josh: An aromatic flavoursome curry from the Kashmir Valley of North West India. The bold, rich red colour is signature of the dish, traditionally cooked with lamb. Fry lamb or beef, coated with Rogan Josh spices, in very hot oil with plenty of onions. Add yoghurt while simmering. Serve with warm Naan breads on the side.Egyptian Dukkah: An Egyptian speciality spice blend, mixed with sesame seeds. It is typically used as a dipping spice mixed with olive oil for warm pita breads and other Middle Eastern breads. Rub lamb meat or chicken pieces with olive oil and spice to create a delicious crust before roasting. Also use to season aubergines before roasting.Tikka: Literally meaning ‘bits and pieces’ this popular curry spice is best known for flavouring chunks of chicken and then cooking on skewers. Marinate the meat in the spices and yoghurt, and cook in a clay-based oven known as a Tandoor, or grill or roast at high heat. Use the cooked chunks to make tikka masala.Bahmi Goreng: One of the most well-known spice blends in Indonesian cuisine used as a noodle or rice dish seasoning. Fry your chosen meat, ideally pork/chicken and prawns, with the spice mix, onion, garlic and chopped vegetables. Add sweet soy sauce and fresh-cooked egg noodles or steamed rice and fry until well coated. Garnish with spring onion, fried egg or omelette strips.Vindaloo: This fiery hot Indian curry is known as the ‘king of curries’. Gently dry roast the spice and add oil, fresh ginger and a splash of vinegar to create a marinade for the meat. Allow the marinating meat to rest overnight. Fry meat with bay leaves and onions until fragrant and add stock or water. Gently simmer until very tender.Singapore Noodles: A Malaysian spice mix used commonly to season noodle dishes. Fry the spice with onions, add stock, fresh or cooked egg noodles and simmer with prawns, pork and loads of Asian vegetables to create a tasty all in one noodle dish. Or use to season any Asian inspired noodle stir-fry dish.Meat Masala: Masala in Hindi means ‘blends of spices’ and is a wonderfully aromatic blend specifically created for meat – ideal for beef, lamb or chicken. This versatile spice can either be rubbed into the meat or combined with oil to make a paste for easy coating or blended with yogurt to create a meat marinade.Za’atar: A blend of Middle Eastern speciality herbs, ground sumac, sesame seeds and sea salt. This versatile spice can be mixed with olive oil to make a dip for pita breads, or baked into or on top of breads. Za’atar can also be used to encrust meats before roasting,or vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, carrots and parsnips before grilling. Caribbean Jerk: This fragrant spice mix is synonymous with the fiery flavours of Jamaican-style of cooking. Simply rub the jerk spice into your chosen meat or poultry and cook over open coals or in a hot skillet. The distinctive flavours of all spice and chillies work best with chicken or pork.Japanese Togarishi: This Japanese 7 Spice is widely used in Japanese cuisine. Sprinkle over tuna or salmon tartar to give it a flavoursome kick, or use as a garnish for Japanese soups, salads and noodle dishes. Create a delicious marinade with the spice, soy sauce, sake and sugar to coat chicken kebabs for traditional yakitori. Use to flavour spicy tuna filling for maki or hand rolls.Italian Caprese: This fragrant blend was created around the signature foods of the Mediterranean. Layer thinly sliced vine ripened tomatoes and fresh mozzarella on a platter and dress with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then sprinkle with this mix to create a traditional caprese salad. Use as a seasoning for fresh fish fillets by rubbing olive oil and spice mix into the fish and grill to your liking.Goan Fish Curry: A wonderfully aromatic blend of spices and herbs inspired by Kerala, traditionally used with firm white fish fillets. Heat oil in a pan and fry the spices with finely chopped onions, ginger, green chilli and garlic. Add fish fillets plus a cup of water or coconut cream and simmer gently for a few minutes only.Paella Spice Mix: Inspired by the traditional Spanish rice dish. Simply add this blend to your chosen stock for a paella, or for a quick and tasty risotto and let it steep while the stock heats. Use one teaspoon per person. Delicious when used to season tomato-based Spanish-style casserole dishes, with chicken, seafood and beans.Ras El Hanout: Ras El Hanout means ‘top of the shop’ and is a mix of prized spices from Morocco, traditionally the best a souk has to offer. Generously season lamb or chicken for tagine-style cooking or before roasting. Steam with couscous for added flavour.Tandoori: Named after the traditional Indian Tandoor clay oven, this spice is typically used to flavour meat or chicken to be cooked in a tandoor. Blend with yoghurt and use to marinate meat, then skewer and roast over coals or in a very hot oven. Also rub the spice blend into meat or chicken before barbecuing or grilling.Brazilian El Gaucho: A fragrant spice mix traditionally used by ‘gauchos’ or Brazilian cowboys to season meat before grilling or barbecuing. Generously season beef steak being prepared for an open grill or ‘Asado’ as known in Southern Brazil.Argentinian Chimmichurri: A flavoursome ready-made mix of dried herbs and spices of the famed spicy Argentinian chimmichurri sauce. Add a splash of olive oil and lemon juice to the spice mix to create a sumptuous marinade for any meat. Allow meat to rest for an hour or two before barbecuing or grilling to your liking.Sumac: Rich in a golden burgundy colour and astringent in flavour, sumac is an essential ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking. It is the ground dried red fruit of a wild Middle Eastern bush. Use to add lemony flavour to salads and meat. Rub into kebabs, fish or chicken before grilling or sprinkle over hummus or salads.